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We have discovered that MUDco has been misrepresented in person and on social media by someone other than our company or our employees. While we are pursuing this judicially, we want YOU to take action immediately if you have been targeted in either of the following ways:

  • Solicited for your business from someone that you do not know to be representing MUDco.
  • Someone you do not know to be a MUDco employee, has called you to inform you of a past-due balance and asks to meet you to collect cash; NO ONE other than Sara, Kristi, Scott, or David deal with collecting on accounts on behalf of MUDco. Our drivers are trained to collect COD orders on the job-site only.

In the event that someone is reaching out to you on behalf of MUDco, please take a minute to call 806.474.2721 to validate the details BEFORE agreeing to any type of transaction.

Please call us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.